Esarsi’s co-founders, Rosalie and Stacey Cooper are an amazing mother and daughter duo out of Denver, Colorado. It is not surprising that the Esarsi collection is so fresh and edgy, given that its lead designer, Stacey Cooper, is a fashion and shoe expert, or shall we say obsessed. Stacey has not only the intelligence and creative ability to succeed, but the passion to drive it forward. Her remarkable ideas are second only to her dedication to excellence. Rosalie Cooper has the incredible business mind and dedication to hard work, both of which have led her to huge successes as an established entrepreneur and leading business woman spanning several industries. Rosalie and Stacey are creative, smart and strong. They have an uncanny grasp on trends and understand what makes women look and feel great. Most importantly, their strong bond has allowed them to enjoy every aspect of the business. Warren Buffet once said, “She’s smart, she loves the business, and she loves her associates. That beats having an MBA degree any time.” This mother and daughter’s passion and love for the business and each other have brought Esarsi to life.








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